Professional competence in the spirit of solidarity

Since 1989 Provence Miel Cooperative has been an association of 40 beekeepers connected by the authenticity of their honey and the love of their work. These professionals are presenting their honeys which are rigorously selected, yet diverse. It is in the spirit of solidarity and equity that we have created this cooperative.

Quality Honeys

All beekeeper members of the Cooperative are certified
PGI (Protected Géographical Indication), and/or label rouge (French Quality Sign) . Bee yards and honey houses are controlled regularly by an independant organisation. Very attentive of food safety, we are vigilant of beekeepers’ practices. Assuring good tracking, we are able to trace the honey we harvest all the way to the expedition of the drums.Some of our beekeepers supply organic practiceshoneys.

A major player in the honey market

Provence Miel is
first in sales of Provence Honey and Lavender Honey in the French market. We sell our honeys only in bulk(drums of 300kg), therefore dealing only with professionals, packers, or food industry businesses of various sizes.