Our certified PGI “Honey of Provence” (click here)

Provence Miel proposes a wide range of honeys harvested by our bees on the Provençal flora. They all receive the PGI “Honey of Provence” sign of quality.

> Lavender Honey (Lavandin, French Lavender)
> Provence Honey

> Rosemary, White Heather, and Pink Heather Honeys

Our certified organic honeys

We encourage organic production. Some of us have the certification and others are in the process of getting it. Already, we are able to propose organic honey in each of the honey crops.

Other honey crops (click here)

Like most Provençal beekeepers, we periodically move our hives away from Provence to harvest other types of honey.
> Acacia (Black Locust) , Chestnut, Fir, Lime Blossom, Mountain Flowers Honeys

Storage in walk-in coller

To better preserve the natural qualities of our honeys, we store them in a walk-in cooler at a temperature never exceeding 15°C. It also extends the shelf life of the PGI honeys to 54 months and 36 months for the label rouge.