Lavender Honey

This is our most distinctive production. It has a rich flavor, with a fine straw-yellow color that gets lighter as it crystallizes just a few weeks after it is harvested. The production area is from the Upper Provence area all the way to the southern part of the Drome department close to the Mont Ventoux.

Provence Honey

The particularity of our climate and the diversity of the flora give our honeys a very distinguished aroma and taste.
Wild Flower Honey
We propose primarily two types of wild flower honey. One is harvested during Spring, in the southern part of the region, on rosemary, thyme, and white heather. The other one is harvested during Summer on mainly lavender and other nectars.

Dark Honey - Honeydew
We also harvest honey that our bees produce from oak and other trees.

Rosemary Honey, White Heather and Pink Heather Honeys

When weather permits, we may harvest other single-source honeys under the PGI “Miel de Provence”.

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